A quick look on Wikipedia is all you need to see that the history of BMW’s contribution to and success in motorsports and racing goes as far back as before the second world war. Whilst in this day and age you may be quick to associate BMW with cars, BMW motorcycles also received the spotlight, winning often at the Isle of Mann TT before the second world war arrived. They also tasted success with their cars, winning numerous events, including becoming the outright winners of the Mille Miglia in 1940 after winning the best in its class (Mille Miglia) in 1938. On top of this the BMW 328 touring coupe went unbeaten in the two-litre class of international sportscar races as well as championing the RAC Rally in 1939.

Since BMW’s strong start with the BMW 328, they have become well known for their sporty cars which can flaunt in the way of performance. They also went on to be one of the most influential manufacturers around when it comes to the BMW M10 engine and touring cars. However, their success was not just limited to touring cars and the BMW M10 engine block was used as the foundation of other engines which went on to be successful in both formula 2 and formula1.

Not long after in the 70s, BMW broke the mould again with the BMW M3 which would eventually go on to be the greatest road race car money can buy, and it’s affordable too. Search Used BMW M3 for sale and you’re bound to find some great deals.