BMW is often placed near the top of any auto related list whether it is concerning practicality, luxury or safety – whether we are talking about new BMW, lease BMW or used BMW – it is a brand with an aura that commands respect. But BMW is much more than a manufacturer of cars you would want to take your kids to school in; and their versatility doesn’t stop at building big cars suited to pre-Madonna footballers with dodgy haircuts… oh no, they are capable of much more.

BMW is rich in history when it comes to any form of motorsports, whether it be cars or motorcycles, BMW have excelled in any form of racing they have attempted. They are currently active in a number of different motorsport’s areas including the American Le Mans Series, the German and World Touring Car Championships and the World Superbike Championship. In the past BMW have also entered cars and provided engines in Formula One, Formula Two and sportscar racing.

Here you are welcome to join us in appreciating the workmanship of BMW, which has led to a number of beautiful vehicles capable of truly awesome performance and achievement. More information about the current range of vehicles offered by BMW is easily available on the internet, not to mention some pretty good deals on used BMWs on sites like CarDealerLocator. BMW themselves have a great site that keeps us up to date with all their latest releases and updates which of course is… as if you didn’t already know!